We are a progressive, proactive and strategic funder focussed on being a catalyst for systems change by tackling some of the big issues of today. We are a spend down foundation so being agile and brave in who and what we fund is key.

We’re mindful of the power of collective action, the unique role that philanthropy can play to realise change, the value in taking risks and always ‘do no harm’.

We build strong relationships within our priority areas, intentionally seeking out partners and initiatives to support that help our:


Solutions for our climate and waste crises.

Oral Health

Solutions that improve oral health outcomes.

Youth Wellbeing

Solutions that improve youth wellbeing.


Amplify opportunities for women.

what we look for in our partners

  • Focussed on solving the problems of today – by challenging the status quo and advocating for systemic change
  • Generating momentum, impact and solving barriers to change
  • Understands the complexities of our world today and are implementing innovative, collaborative and bold ideas
  • Committed to long term impact and generational change
  • Doing great work right now responding to immediate challenges in line with our strategic focus areas



We are values driven. Our values are important to the way we work – they guide how we engage, influence our culture, and come to life through our relationships with our partners.


We are comfortable in the unknown, we take risks, and have a learning environment.


We pivot and change. We are responsive, fast and adaptive. We are impactful.


When we work together we have greater impact, but we navigate our own path with autonomy.


We see the person and the need. We are gracious with our time and spirit. We respect the mana of others and act with humility.


We create space for all voices. We listen deeply and seek to understand.