April 7, 2022

Freshwater Ecologist announced as Zonta Science Award Winner

Dr Tara McAllister recognised for her impressive contributions to freshwater research

High-quality freshwater is a vital commodity and the deterioration in water quality remains a key global issue, and one that drives the focus of Dr Tara McAllister, a freshwater ecologist who has been named the winner of the 17th Biennial Zonta Science Award for an emerging scientist.

Tara’s research provides a new focus on the global understanding of toxic blooms in rivers and has helped develop novel approaches to bloom mitigation and management.  The Award recognises not only her excellence in science but also her communication skills and community involvement.

Clare’s support of the Zonta Club of Wellington and this Award will go towards enabling Dr McAllister to visit Professor Kat Milligan-McClellan, an Indigenous woman scientist at the University of Connecticut, to better understand how microscopic organisms and the toxins they produce affect ecosystems.

To learn more about Dr McAllister’s work, click here.