July 8, 2022

Love Rimurimu

Regenerating Wellington’s underwater seaweed forests.

A unique community-led project can now get critical research underway into the climate-change resilience of New Zealand’s marine ecosystems, with a donation from Clare helping to boost the project as it enters its second year.

Love Rimurimu, initiated by Mountains to Sea Wellington, is the only project of its kind in the country, with a vision to regenerate Wellington’s underwater seaweed forests.

In collaboration with existing partner the Wellington Community Fund, whose three-year funding commitment enabled the project to get off the ground in 2021, Clare’s contribution will have a significant impact on the project’s team, their research, and a pathway to regeneration.

Clare Foundation CEO Alice Montague says that Love Rimurimu is an outstanding example of the long-term vision that a project of this scale can have.

“Love Rimurimu is not only working towards tangible and meaningful impact through their work, but their dedication to involving the community and the best scientific talent in the country is truly inspiring,” says Ms Montague. “The work of this project will set the standard for marine environmental care for generations to come.”

The opportunity to co-fund alongside the Wellington Community Fund means that the Love Rimurimu team can focus on project delivery.


To find out more and follow the Love Rimurimu journey visit https://www.loverimurimu.org/