December 3, 2021


Making the first move towards pay equity.

Pay gaps still exist and impact a huge number of Kiwis from many walks of life. So how do we end them and what’s being done to pave the way ahead?

Backed by a substantial strategic and catalytic funding partnership with Clare, the MindTheGap group highlights the need for equal pay for Māori, Pacific peoples, all gender identities, those with disabilities and other ethnicities in Aotearoa. The new pay gap registry, launched on the anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, aims to normalise pay gap reporting as a key step to ensure that everyone is paid equitably.

The opportunity to partner with MindTheGap was a natural fit with Clare’s vision to ignite extraordinary change.  As a tool to turbo-charge the journey towards closing the pay gap, especially in the gender space, the MindTheGap registry offers an exciting step towards pay equity with positive knock-on effects for generations to come.

As well as working alongside the business community to begin voluntary reporting and helping all of us to understand why this is so important, MindTheGap is working on policy advice to be presented to the Government.

To follow the progress of this initiative, show your support or sign up to the registry, visit